Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University

Sidney Kimmel’s first “investment” into cancer research was his first major philanthropic gift — $10 million to Thomas Jefferson University to fund the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. That gift, coming not long after Jones Apparel Group went public, opened the pathway towards his long term commitment to solving the mystery of cancer. It also came at a time, more than 20 years ago, before “mega” gifts became prevalent in medical research. Kimmel backed a cause, and backed an institution, that were both poised for growth.

The ensuing years have proven Sidney Kimmel’s gift to have been from great wisdom. Today Jefferson stands as one of the nation’s finest medical centers, and it is at the core of a revitalized Center City Philadelphia (in part thanks to Kimmel’s broader philanthropic perspective).

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center has grown five-fold in the number of investigators and is premier in translating research breakthroughs into treatment results. Widely recognized as one of the foremost prostate cancer centers, it forms an axis with other Kimmel-funded centers at Sloan Kettering and Johns Hopkins to provide the most innovative combination of patient care and research.