The application for 2017 Awards is now closed.

What is Promise without being connected to Progress?

In many respects, the Kimmel Scholars Program is the fulfillment of the Sidney Kimmel Foundation’s commitment to cancer research.  The Program bridges the funding gap for gifted young cancer researchers at the very outset of their careers.  With the pressure to secure resources eased, Scholars are emboldened to pursue innovative, imaginative investigations and to establish their models in independent research, a necessity for obtaining government grants and other backing.

Annually 15 of the nation’s most promising young researchers are selected to receive this $200,000 Award by a world class Medical Advisory Board.  Recipients have the opportunity to launch their first research laboratories and build their teams at a point in their development when many of their peers struggle to get started.

Since its inception, the Program has funded 277 scientists and physicians who have gone on to find more effective treatments, develop broader prevention measures and cultivate a deeper understanding of the biology of cancer.  The Kimmel Scholars Program has truly given birth to a new generation of our nation’s leading cancer researchers.

Learn more about the impact of the Kimmel Scholars Program in this video.