Program FAQs

The Kimmel Scholars Program has closed.  The 2017 Scholars are the final class of Award recipients.

What is the Kimmel Scholars Program?

The Kimmel Scholars Program is a bridge in the funding gap for gifted young cancer researchers at the very outset of their careers. Annually 15 of the nation’s most promising young researchers were selected to receive this $200,000 Award by a world class Medical Advisory Board.  With the pressure to secure resources eased, Scholars are emboldened to pursue innovative, imaginative investigations and to establish their models in independent research, a necessity for obtaining government grants and other backing.

Why did the Kimmel Scholars Program close?

After 20 years, the Foundation has achieved its goal of opening pathways for young investigators.  Today there are numerous programs offering similar awards that did not exist when the Kimmel Scholars Program began.

I am a current Kimmel Scholar. Will I still receive the entire Award amount? What happens if I have unspent funds at the conclusion of the two year funding period?

While the Kimmel Scholar Program has come to a close, all current Scholars will receive their full $200,000 Award in semi-annual installments.  A Scholar with unspent funds at the conclusion of Year 2 may submit a revised budget and request a 12-month no-cost extension.  Please contact Dr. Gary Cohen, c/o Emily Krohn, with that request.

I am a current or former Kimmel Scholar. Who may I contact with questions about program administration?

Please direct questions to Emily Krohn.

How many Kimmel Scholars are there?

Between 1997 and 2017, a total of 292 researchers and physician-scientists received Kimmel Scholar Awards.  Alumni of the Program are among the most successful, distinguished members of the next generation of cancer researchers and leaders.

Will the Sidney Kimmel Foundation continue to support cancer research?

Yes, the Foundation maintains the same commitment to promoting advances in cancer research that it has since it was established in 1993.  Its recent gift to Johns Hopkins to create the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Immunotherapy at the Kimmel Cancer Center there is evidence of that ongoing commitment.

Does the Sidney Kimmel Foundation accept applications for other research projects?

No, the Kimmel Scholar Award was the only funding for which applications were accepted.