Caroline Kimmel Biomedical Research Building at Thomas Jefferson University

The Sidney Kimmel Foundation has pledged $70 million to Thomas Jefferson University for the construction of a flagship building that will anchor the university’s Locust Street research corridor.  The new facility, to be named the Caroline Kimmel Biomedical Research Building in honor of Mr. Kimmel’s wife, will markedly expand Jefferson’s research capacity and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations within the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and the Jefferson research community at large.

The state-of-the-art labs will accommodate 56 additional principal investigator teams and will be invaluable in recruiting and retaining the brightest scientific minds in cancer and myriad diseases.

In announcing the gift, Mr. Kimmel said, “In one act I have been able to honor my wonderful marriage to Caroline, my hometown of Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson University which I call the Soul of the City, and cancer research to which I have devoted so much of my time and resources.  I am so fortunate, frankly blessed, to have this opportunity.”