The Kimmel Scholars Program has closed.  The 2017 Scholars are the final class of Award recipients.

Promise connected to Progress

After 20 years and just under 300 award winners, in 2017 the final recipients of the Kimmel Scholar Awards were named.  Begun in 1997, the Kimmel Scholars Program was designed to jump-start the careers of the most promising and creative researchers and physician-scientists seeking solutions to the riddle of cancer.  Over the two decades, the Program has contributed some of the most successful members to the next generation, or maybe two, of the nation’s leading cancer researchers.

Our Medical Advisory Board, comprised of 14 renowned cancer doctors and scientists, selected 15 Kimmel Scholars each year on the basis of potential impact their research efforts might have in advancing the possibility of a cure for cancer.  Over the 20 years, more than $65 million has been committed to this Program by the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research.

The Program comes to a close as the Foundation has achieved its goal of opening pathways for young investigators.  Today there are numerous programs making similar awards.  The Kimmel Foundation has determined to focus on new frontiers, as demonstrated by its recent additive gift to Johns Hopkins to establish the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Immunotherapy at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center there.


Learn more about the impact of the Kimmel Scholars Program in this video.