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The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research utilizes an on-line application available at Problems or questions about the application process may be address to   

Kimmel Scholar Award

To select the grant recipients, the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research has created a Medical Advisory Board consisting of distinguished cancer researchers. Each year the Kimmel Foundation expects to select up to ten grant recipients who will receive $100,000 per year for two years. Qualified applicants must hold an M.D., Ph.D. or equivalent graduate degree and must perform research in an American not-for-profit institution during the period of Kimmel Foundation support.

The Kimmel Foundation is seeking accomplished young investigators dedicated to a career in cancer research. Applications are limited to those who achieved the equivalent rank of Assistant Professor on or after July, 2006. However, physicians who have both clinical and research responsibility are eligible if appointed on or after July, 2005. These awards are designed for researchers who do not yet have their own R01 funding. Applicants will be judged on the basis of quality of prior work, research proposed and letters of support. Funding of awards will be subject to execution of binding agreements setting forth terms and conditions under which scholarships will be provided. Applicants for 2010 awards will be notified by mid-April, 2010.

The Kimmel Translational Science Award

The Foundation provides up to five additional awards specifically for physicians engaged in translational science. Eligibility includes those with M.D. or equivalent degrees, who have achieved the rank of Assistant Professor on or after July, 2005. Candidates must not hold R01 funding for the laboratory component of their cancer research. Applicants must demonstrate a significant personal involvement in the laboratory component of the translational project described. The translational research may involve primarily animal studies but must include reasonable application to subsequent human investigation.

Each on-line application consists of the following:


Step 1:  Research Information

Provide descriptive title of research and abstract.

Step 2:  Personal Statement (1-2 pages)

Please provide a statement about career objectives as they relate to cancer research and explain how your work satisfies the mission of The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research. The statement should include a description of the work environment and necessary resources available to conduct research and a statement of the approximate percent of effort to be devoted to research, teaching, patient care, administration, and other duties. Be sure to explain how your research will aid our understanding and treatment of human malignant diseases.

Step 3:  Curriculum Vitae

Attach Curriculum Vitae

Step 4:  Research (limit narrative to 3 pages)

Please describe your work in cancer research, including a brief description of pertinent supporting studies. Outline the future direction of current research and include other potential areas of interest. Explain the importance of your work to our understanding of cancer and implications for future therapies of malignant disease or cancer prevention. Graphs, figures, tables and references may be uploaded to the appendix section or included within the narrative.

Step 5:  Budget (1 page)

The Kimmel Scholar Award provides $100,000 per year for two years. The Kimmel Foundation will not provide additional institutional overhead but part of the grant may be budgeted toward overhead costs. The Foundation requests that institutions limit overhead to 15% or less. Please approximate the manner in which funds will be allocated among categories such as salary support, research, equipment, travel, administrative costs, etc. This funding may not be used for tuition reimbursement of graduate students. Also describe in detail all other current and pending funding including source, amount and duration of such support. The Foundation will not consider applicants who are already fully funded by R01 grants or who are currently the beneficiary of another similar scholar award which supports cancer research.

Step 6:  Appendix

Please supply up to three original papers (authored by applicant) from peer reviewed journals. If available, submit one or more papers or editorials from other sources which elucidate the background or importance of your work (helpful, but not required).

Step 7:  Personal References (1-2 pages each)

Please provide three letters of reference.  The on-line application will generate a request to your references asking for a letter on your behalf. One letter must be from the Chairman of your Division or Department, and two from appropriate physicians and/or scientists who are familiar with your work. Letters may be sent under separate cover but must be received by December 31. Letters should broadly review the independence and importance of the applicant's work in the context of similar work from other laboratories. Rank the independence and quality of the work, within the reviewer's experience. Assess the overall contribution of the applicant in published papers which involved collaboration with senior investigators. 

Cover Page (1 page)

Each application should include the standardized cover page, which will be automatically generated upon completion of the on-line application.  Please print a copy of the cover page, sign and attach with the hardcopies to be mailed.   The cover page should be completed with appropriate demographic information, as requested. Please provide an abstract of the current research and a brief explanatory title.  An institutional official who is responsible for budget oversight must also personally sign the cover page for submission to the Foundation.  Electronic signatures or copies will not be acceptable.

Completed Applications

The full on-line application should include the standardized cover page, description of research, personal statement, three letters of recommendation, budget and curriculum vitae. Please also supply a signed original and one copy of the application by mail within two days of completed on-line submission. Also include copies of appendix (samples of investigator's and relevant supporting published work). On-line applications must be completed by Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at noon EST. Letters of reference must be submitted preferably by reply email to The Foundation by December 31.


Please submit to:

Gary I. Cohen, M.D.

Cancer Center at GBMC

6569 North Charles Street, Suite 300

Baltimore, MD 21204

Please review Frequently Asked Questions on the Kimmel Foundation website for additional information.